A new platform for the ROSA Enterprise Desktop

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The LLC NTC IT ROSA company presents X4 (RED X4), a new version of the home made commercial Linux distribution ROSA Enterprise Desktop.
This new version of OS benefits from all the advanced features of our well-known community-driven distribution ROSA Fresh:

  • compliance with a waste range of hardware configurations;
  • extremely easy to install and user-friendly even for nonexperienced users;
  • own software repositories abundant with packages;
  • helpful and friendly Russian community

While keeping its recognizable graphical design ROSA Enterprise Desktop X4 was highly optimized and received new features supporting many brand-new hardware configurations and software technologies.
You may build any complex infrastructure based on this OS thank to its corporate-grade optimization and default compatibility with other ROSA software products including the certified ones.
ROSA Enterprise Desktop X4 new features:

  • fresh line of rosa-desktop kernel based on the patches from ROSA and Ubuntu for better hardware support;
  • ROSA Audit Viewer, a new native ROSA utility recently included into our software set for corporate users
  • optional two-factor authentication login for more secured data
  • improved Windows AD connection wizard with mostly preconfigured settings;
  • improved installation process which now includes options for NVme and M.2 SSD, F2FS option, and Zstd compression for Btrfs among other non-standard configurations support;
  • Ansible support for remote management

The default version includes waste range of from the box software applications which allow you to start working immediately after installation: the Firefox-ESR browser, Mozilla Thunderbird as an e-mail client,  LibreOffice office suite, GIMP and Inkscape for image management, KDEnlive video editor, Pidgin messenger, and media players among other user applications sets. The RED X4 is compliant with the 1C enterprise activities software, CryptoPro cryptographic software utilities and with many others proprietary software programs.
Technical details:

  • default kernel v. 4.15 (with versions 4.18, 4.20 and 5.0 also available from the repositories);
  • ROSA brand style ergonomical graphical design with ROSA native utilities SimleWelcome, Klook, RocketBar and others
  • system management GUI utilities integrated into the KDE Control Center, including options for joining Windows AD and FreeIPA domains ;
  • default browser is the KDE integrated Firefox-ESR, and Yandex Browser as a supplementary choice;
  • java-1.8.0-openjdk as a support for the Java based software.