The Kaspersky Lab and LLC NTC IT ROSA collaborate on testing the compatibility between the two companies solutions

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The testing series performed by the experts of The Kaspersky Lab and the ROSA Research and Technology Center proved the compatibility between the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Linux solution and the OS ROSA Cobalt (both desktop and server editions).
The testing series resulted in signed certificate which validates the compatibility between the both companies software. In addition, the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux is now recommended for use in the ROSA Cobalt operating system environment.
«The strategic goal of our company is to become the most effective and universal developer of the operating systems and system products in Russia. To achieve that goal the LLC NTC IT ROSA invests into the developing of own engineering and technology base, development of the innovative technologies and products and into modern approach to our domestic consumers in the context of today’s market. Those goals are to be achieved to acquire the maximal grade of technological independency», says Vladislava Vasilieva, the CEO of the LLC NTC IT ROSA.
«Moreover, each party needs this experience in order to achieve both technical goals and raise competence needed to further bring to realization the import-substituting plans of the Russian Government. We thank our colleagues for their high appreciation of our solutions», said the ROSA CEO.
«The government bodies and offices are of particular interest for the malefactors, and for this reason the security level for such institutes has to be very high. The operating system developed by our colleagues from ROSA is certified by FSTEC of Russia, which suggests this security is validated at the most high protection class level. Our solution has the same certificate which means the maximum security grade available at the moment when using both solutions together», says Bulat Siraev, chief of the before-sale service department of the Kaspersky Lab.
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About ROSA

The Russian company “ROSA” (LLC “NTC it ROSA”) is engaged in the development of system software, including requirements of the Russian legislation in the field of information security.
The company’s product line includes desktop and server operating systems with an original ergonomic interface, as well as systems for deploying cloud and infrastructure services.
The company’s partner programs include cooperation with equipment manufacturers, system integrators and developers of complex software and hardware solutions. More at

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